Email Marketing Will Never Become Outdated

Email marketing, done rightly, remains one of the most successful ways grow a business. It will never become outdated. I see seasoned internet marketing gurus advertising the latest cutting edge social media marketing approaches where? To their email marketing lists! That should tell us something. Don’t even think of dropping email marketing for another “latest greatest” marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Creates Its Own Stream of New Business

Through email marketing done right you engage your own community of market niche contacts over time converting contacts to new clients, more repeat business and referral business. This becomes its own huge stream of new business. The most seasoned marketers funnel contacts from all their marketing activity into their email marketing list. They add contacts from their networking activity, their direct mailings, business client list and from their social media marketing. Every marketing activity funnels contacts into their growing email marketing list.

Email Marketing Problem: How to Consistently Engage Your Audience

But here’s the main problem you need to overcome in order to establish a continually successful email marketing program. It can be summed up in one word: Engagement.

How do you get your email marketing list audience to consistently want to open and read your emails?

As has been said, your greatest problem can really be your greatest opportunity in disguise, and that’s the case here. The solution to the problem of consistently engaging the attention of your market audience will strengthen your business in some amazing ways.

Email Marketing Solution: Create Valuable Content

Here’s the solution to engaging your consistently market audience:

Create valuable content that helps your readers achieve an important goal, overcome an obstacle and experience greater success.

Your consistently valuable content will:

  • Grow an archive of helpful information on your website.
  • Increase your own knowledge and expertise through your research.
  • Promote more feedback from your market audience as readers comment and question.
  • Attract more search engine visibility because search engines love new, unique valuable content and will upgrade your standing as your website receives more traffic.
  • Position you as the “go to” expert in your profession.
  • Attract more clients because people tend to seek services from the expert.
  • Educate and prepare people to be ready to do business with you so you don’t need to start from ground zero every time you talk to a prospective new client.
  • Renew your own motivation and energy because the feedback and success are fulfilling.

The Challenge and Opportunity of Engaging Your Email Marketing Audience

Engaging a busy, time-crunched audience is not an easy task. You’re going to need to refine how you talk about your business. The more you say things in a way that connects with your listeners, the more they will consistently open and read your emails. So, every email you send becomes an opportunity to sharpen your business communication skills and your message. Be prepared to fail and to be misunderstood. Develop the skill of bouncing back, learning and trying again. That’s another valuable business success skill email marketing will help you achieve. See how your problems with email marketing are actually opportunities in disguise?

So, the key to email marketing success is to consistently create valuable, engaging content.

Don’t Be a Hunter, Be a Farmer

You’ll need to drop the idea of the “quick sell”. That’s the “hunter” approach to marketing communication. “Buy my product.” “Great offer if you act now.” “New opportunity, sign up now.” Who wants to be “sold”? That’s not very engaging. With the hunter approach, you may get a new client now and then, but for every new client you get, you’ll lose many many contacts who don’t want to be sold. People are looking for solutions and will give their business to those who show they are “helpers”, not “takers”. The world’s most successful networking organization is built on the moto, “Givers Gain”. Let that moto drive your email marketing approach. Instead of a hunter, see yourself as a farmer. If your email marketing goal is to grow an engaged community of relationships based on appreciation and trust, the business will naturally follow.

Nothing engages an audience more than consistently valuable content.

Where to Find Valuable, Engaging Content for Email Marketing

How do you come up with consistently valuable, engaging content? The good news is that you don’t need to be an experienced writer or communicator or even spend hours in research. Any thoughtful business professional can consistently create valuable content. How? As a business owner, you see yourself as a problem solver. Your clients regularly present you with problems, and you find solutions. Begin listing the kinds of problems your clients face from day to day, and the types of solutions you find. In fact, make three lists: Problems, Solutions and the Benefits your clients experience when they experience the solution. This list will form the valuable content you need to consistently engage your market audience.

Problem > Solution > Benefits

Start Mapping Out Your Valuable, Engaging Email Marketing Message

In conclusion, go for the goal of consistently creating valuable, content that informs, educates and helps your email marketing audience overcome obstacles and achieve goals. Be a farmer, not a hunter. This is the mindset that leads to email marketing success and the resulting growth of your business. Would you like help brainstorming unique, powerful engaging email themes for your email marketing? Wouldn’t it be great to know what you’re going to say over the next few months…or even over the next year? Imagine mapping out a valuable directory of themes you can pull from for your email marketing, your website, your social media, your video creation, even your networking group presentations. These themes will guide the content that positions you as the credible “go to” source in your profession. Knowing what to say is the single most important element in a successful email marketing program. And it’s easier than you think. I’ve helped many businesses do this very thing.

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