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Email Marketing, Still the #1 Client Attraction Strategy

A well designed email marketing program:

  • Consistently engages your community of clients and contacts.
  • Reaches more contacts than possible for any sales team.
  • Keeps your business “top of mind”.
  • Positions you as the “go to” credible expert in your industry.
  • Educates your contacts and clients before they seek your business.
  • Prepares people to want to do business before they meet you.

The key phrase is “well designed“. Done poorly, an email marketing program can give your business a bad reputation and actually inoculate your market against doing business with you. It’s the difference from being a hero and a spammer.

Email Marketing Is the Linchpin Integrating All Business Marketing:

  • Defines and elaborates your brand message.
  • Provides core content for your website and blog articles.
  • Provides core content for social media and video.
  • When designed thematically, a book begins to unfold.
  • The book contains solutions to your market audience need.
  • You’re solving a variety of problems, helping people achieve goals.

The key phrase is “thematically designed“.  When you communicate by theme, your message over all media both online and offline is unified and strengthened.

Good Email Marketing Is Really Thematic Content Marketing

It’s just a matter of deciding to start:

  • Easier than you imagined.
  • Fun, rewarding.
  • See your business message unfold.
  • Attract a growing community of loyal clients.
  • Make a difference – which is one of the reasons you started your business.
  • Grow your knowledge, expertise and confidence.

The key phrase is “deciding to start“. There’s nothing standing in your way except your own intention to get started.

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Surprisingly Affordable – And It Can Create Greater ROI Than All Other Forms of Marketing

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